Visional Update 2023

Visional Update 2023

Hello friends. I pray that as 2022 has drawn to a close, 2023 has begun with blessings and joy. While I can't speak for everyone, I've felt that everything has been moving very fast. A few months ago, I was in prayer and I asked the Lord what the theme or word was that would define 2023. I heard, "propel." I immediately looked it up to help with my understanding. Below is a screenshot of the definition that seemed to resonate:

This new season will be Accelerated...

He then gave me a picture of a futuristic spaceship that had sails that expanded out in front of it. They were shiny/translucent and glowed yellow/gold from the light hitting them. They began to gain speed without being assisted by boosters. This was amazing of course and I had to ask, "what does this mean?" He said, "in the past, it would take many months, or even years to see things happen. In this new season, it will be accelerated, what took years will only take weeks." I then asked , "will this be for our local church, the "big-C" church, or is this for my family and I personally?"

Over the past few weeks, we've seen revivals, financial provision, and other blessings that would take too long to list here. The point is, He's answered prayers that have been prayed for many years! He's answered prayers before I could even put voice to them. Some have just been a "Holy thought or desire" and boom! It's here! This has not only been in our life, but I've seen it in our church and in the lives and churches of my friends. God is accelerating the advancement of the gospel and Kingdom-building assignments.

It's time to dream big!

A few weeks before the new year He told me to have the church dream big, write the details down, and share with each other. Then we would watch to see what He does and build our faith in the process. One of the big dreams that Christy and I have had is that we would be more than a church that is content with Sunday services, big numbers, and the occasional potluck. While these things seem nice they are all inward focused! Jesus is calling us outside the four walls and into our communities. I shared with the church that I believe He's leading us to start doing prayer walks in our two neighboring communities. As we intercede for the people around us, He will provide ways that we can bless them.

One area of blessing that we have seen Him accelerate is what we are calling the Community Center. This is our original building that has been remodeled for community use. We can see people using this space for birthday parties, neighborhood association meetings, weddings, and more. One of the first things we feel led to do is provide a weekly meal that anyone can come to, eat, and be out of the elements for a little bit. Our big dream is that we would do it more than one day per week and that we would provide more than food.

If you’re still reading this, I encourage you to take some time to meet with Jesus and ask Him, "what dream or vision do you want me to partner with you on?" Remember, He is the one to take care of the results and the acceleration. All we have to do is be obedient with what He tells us to do. There will be more updates to come and I’ll share again soon.

Please pray for us and consider how you can give or partner with us further. You can give financially on our website -

Grace, mercy, and peace in His Name,
Chris & Christy Johnson

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